Hiccup de Tango

The Saint Michael Trio performs "Hiccup de Tango" by Cameron Wilson.

How about that "chan-hic!-chan" at the end!? This piece has the unmistakable whimsy of Vancouver's Cam Wilson. What a delight to discover his work making its way further afield and popping up in California.


Japanese Acrobats - 1904

Here's an eccentric Edison clip from 1904. The physical ability is awesome and the fact that it was captured in 1904 makes it even more precious.



Laughs, from Eventually Yours...

This trailer for EVENTUALLY YOURS was shot on location in Brooklyn on Super 8 film.


Troubles amongst the beautiful ones

Here's a fine drama with some impressive dancing. Go ahead, marvel at the beauty of youth. Then imagine their life troubles and their heaps of talent distilled into mature social dancing... hmm, even better.



I've been struggling with this one for some time. It's beautiful but troubling. It has grace and sorrow. It's lonely. Practically speaking and profoundly imagining, it's a video about perspective.

Captain Hook's Tango

A delightfully camp Captain Hook sings a tango.


Ostrich Tango

Tango Milonguero - Eva Garlez y Pablo Rodriguez

We had the pleasure of working with Eva at Milongueando, B.A. in 2008. She's an exquisite dancer with an enchanting aura, angelic really.


Los Milongueros

Ruben Harymbat & Ana Maria Shapira demonstrate at El Beso.

We're a wee bit uncomfortable mixing these Master dancers with my Commonplace for Tango video collection. So, we started a new blog where we're gathering videos of the Milonguero Masters.


Humour and exceptional skill

Thank you to Eduardo Capussy and Mariana Flores. Let us dance well and never take ourselves too seriously.


En Tus Brazos / In Your Arms

While the stage-performance tango risks reducing this short animation to melodrama, the tragedy is poignant. Our friend Martha, who survived wars and famine, taught us to "always count your blessings." Each day, each dance, each step is indeed a blessing.


Slick, quick-stepping milonga

From Sarah the walrus to every dancing gal's aspiration -- precise and elegant foot work.


A Curios

From the sublime to the ridiculous (if you're reading these posts in order of appearance, that is), here is a tango with Sarah the walrus. Thanks for the chuckles Sarah. ;)


A Case for Slow Tango

It's a cliche in tango classes: "Dance every step as if it is your last."

Well, the first time I saw Mahalia Jackson sing I became a believer. She does not throw away one single note. The following clip and others like it moved me deeply and, while this video may not have made me a believer in the Almighty, her singing certainly made me a true believer in slow and meaningful action.

"If it adds nothing to stillness, why move. If it adds nothing to silence, why speak." - William Hutt [1920-2007], Canadian Shakespearean Actor

Finally, here is Carlos Gavito and Maria Plazaola demonstrating a slow tango.


Michael and Beatrix

Several of our tango friends have worked with Michael and Beatrix and sing their praises. Hearing them express their views in this promotional video, we can understand the attraction. Michael says, "The best tango dancers are not those who have developed a huge repertoire of steps. It's those who have developed a better understanding and awareness of their partner."


Aerial dancing

Here's an entrancing aerial dance from Compagnie Retouramont. St Kilda A European Opera.

The emotional intensity is compelling. It may be going out on a limb (apologies for the weak pun) to suggest that this piece of art is a physical expression of the vulnerability with which we dance Argentine tango.

Punk-ode to tango shoes

Like many dedicated tango dancers, I spend much time trolling the internet and YouTube for interesting and informative videos on dance, movement and all things tango. I often find fun things that I'd love to share but are not suitable for our formal website www.EstudioDeTango.blogspot.com. Take this, for example, Vancouver's own Bif Naked and her punk-ode to tango shoes. Stay tuned, there's more to come.